Monday, 10 August 2009

Ever designed a computer system which has gone live?

Strange question I know

I've designed quite a few computer systems, and associated business change, that have gone live successfully, some small, some huge, some simple, some complex, some Greenfield, some changing an existing IT estate, many challenges sure but a track record of live systems out there

It's surprising how many folk who call themselves architects in the IT business have never done this

Many "Architecture practise" heads or leads have never done this, many so-called leaders in the profession have never done it, and boy does it show

We have a high failure rate in our business, and yet it's easy to survive and even prosper with little idea of the challenges of real projects

Sunday, 9 August 2009

the start of my blog

So here is the start of my anonymous blog about life in the IT business, primarily in the UK, but also in the USA, rest of Europe and elsewhere

To fly the flag for the pragmatic hard working folk in the business who produce the best implementations, but who rarely blow their own trumpet, and rarely seek the glory of a thousand and one recommendations on linkedin or similar

To fly the flag for the folk working too hard to accumulate a thousand and one certifications

To fly the flag for the folk suffering from the poor way the recruitment business handles our business, and the outrageous behaviour of the Indian off/onshoring organisations, and so much more

To fly the flag for the folk suffering the bullshit management layers

Here's to the good folk in our business, you know who you are!